186 Kloud – About Us

About Us

We are proud of our name and sometimes it’s a topic of conversation when we meet with a new customer.

“Why 186Kloud?” 186,000 miles per second is the speed of light. With networks, today mostly being fibre based, services are created by sending light through the fibre.

We think that our name demonstrates our ambition. We want to bring you the most appropriate potential supplier suitors as quickly and as painlessly as possible to help save your organisation both time and money, whilst at the same time managing the whole process on your behalf.

186Kloud based in London is a team with substantial experience from many years working for data, cloud and voice providers.

During our time served, we noticed how our employers were joining the queue of suppliers all competing to convince the customer that theirs was the best solution and trying to position themselves as a consultative service.

Finally, after many years served and realising that the customer was not getting the best deal, we have positioned 186Kloud as able to work with best of class UK National and Global vendors, including Data Centres, Cloud providers, Voice and Network suppliers to ensure our customers are no longer ‘sold to’ but rather, we ensure your solution needs come before anyone’s sales target!


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