186 Kloud – SDWAN

Wide Area Networks

Since the turn of the century, MPLS has been the defecto means of connecting offices and data centre locations, as this important networking protocol enables the prioritisation of data packets so as to meet the application’s latency target. At 186Kloud we have relationships with both national and international providers to ensure that your office locations can be connected wherever you may be.

In recent years use of SD-WAN technology is becoming increasingly popular, as many previous on premise applications move to the cloud and access to cloud based computing resource becomes central to the organisations connectivity strategy. SD-WAN also enables some of the data previously resident on the MPLS network to be moved to the SD-WAN, freeing up often expensive and valuable network.

At 186Kloud we can enable access to many tier 1 best of breed SD-WAN suppliers for your conversation about how your organisation can start to use this type of network

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