The future of customer care is now AnswerGPT

Leveraging the latest in Generative AI technologies, AptEdge has created the industry’s first Answer Engine with AnswerGPT™. The root of customer care challenges begins with the inability to quickly get answers to customer questions and problems. The problem is getting bigger as the amount of knowledge grows and is sprawled in dozens of systems. AptEdge transforms your domain knowledge and creates dynamic, personalized answers driving down customer care resolution times, increasing CSAT, and improving support team efficiencies.

GPT answer engine

Answers powered by Generative AI connect disparate systems, including knowledge bases, ticketing platforms, project trackers, and social channels, to bring the most relevant answers. Available via a web interface or embedded in common platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow. AptEdge’s proprietary machine learning brings the industry’s most accurate results in real time.

Edge automation

AptEdge Edge Automation identifies common trends in support cases and tickets linked into resolutions. Using Edge Automation, a support team can lower ticket/support volumes by grouping common tickets for immediate deflection and reduce escalations by assigning tickets to the right team members. Additionally, product team and executives gain key insights into trends impacting CSAT and feature requests.


AptEdge Analytics provides a holistic view of the health of the support environment by pulling in knowledge sources from multiple platforms. Understand themes and trends by customer, product, or ticket type over time to drive efficiency and key business insights.

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