We bring out the best in customer support with next-generation WFM

Building solutions for people-powered operations

We’re on a mission to solve the operational challenges that come after the big idea. By using technology to overcome delays, inefficiency, and bureaucracy, we can improve the critical products and services that underpin our day-to-day lives. Starting with customer support, we’re empowering individuals to do uniquely human things like apply judgment, make decisions, and bridge the gap between vision and reality.

Empowering the support heroes behind the scene

Behind every great customer experience is a series of herculean efforts performed by folks that rarely get the recognition they deserve. A workforce manager’s job is sometimes unglamorous, often under-appreciated, but always essential. That’s why we’re celebrating them — the unsung heroes of customer support.

The first all-in-one WFM for CX teams and BPOs

Make optimal staffing decisions, gain visibility into outsourced and in-house contact center performance, and unlock new ways to serve evolving customer needs — all with Assembled.

Solutions to optimize your support operations

Our cloud-based, omnichannel Support Ops platform fits the needs of today’s modern support organization, giving everyone from workforce managers to team leads to agents what they need to maintain exceptional customer experiences.

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