The world, and the way we work, has changed.

The things employees want from work and customers want from companies morph all the time with cultural, generational, and technological shifts. Edify meets this moment with an unprecedented vision for how we live and work, a diverse and talented team, and a single global platform for all of the ways your business communicates.


Edify’s mission is to activate the collective power of business users & developers to create experiences employees and customers love.

Innovation begins with inclusivity

Edify is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment that nurtures and empowers employees of all backgrounds and experiences. By living and working with the intention to welcome, embrace, and advocate for all people, beliefs, and points of view, we foster deeper connections among our employees, more authentic relationships with customers and partners, and develop better products.

Disrupting the status quo in the business communications industry means we must also reimagine the way technology companies build and nurture their teams. As technologists who stay true to our word, we rely on our core values to guide us as we endeavor to continuously improve and innovate.

Core values


Passion and personality matter, so we invest in our people. We continually strive to do and be better, embracing crazy ideas and finding new ways to grow our company and each other. And we empower our customers by giving them the right platform to connect with one another and serve people. At Edify, we empower everyone to think big, have fun, and do good.


Open minds are growing minds, driving motivation and achievement. Our team is composed of diverse individuals with unique talents and skills they have each honed along the path to Edify. We celebrate that and support everyone’s ongoing opportunity to learn about our industry, their specialty, each other, and the world.


Edify exists to solve old problems in bold new ways. We nurture our collective genius to invent the future, adding bright minds to the team in the spirit of building a business and a culture that looks at everything through a fresh lens. We encourage questioning the status quo, removing barriers, and trying again (even when we fail). Idea-sharing, truth-telling, and not settling will help us catapult our people, our product, and our industry to where it belongs.


We aspire to lead the CX revolution, so we must be transparent with our approach, our platform, and our intent. To deliver on our promise of a new era of customer service for all, we act with openness and honesty. We prioritize consistent feedback with each other, ongoing communication with our leaders, and transparency with prospects and customers. Everyone is invited to experience the Edify platform and all that awaits.


We are advocates for our people, our industry, and our communities. We make mistakes and learn from them, we own our wrongs and make them right, and when we know better we do better. By getting involved in our neighborhoods and the world, we are able to give our time and energy to things that fulfill our larger purpose as human beings.

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