Humanize the internet

We believe that technology, especially AI, is headed in a direction bereft of human connection.

However, people derive most happiness when they can really understand each other. It makes everything better in the office, better at home, and better in the world at large. That’s what keeps us working towards our lofty goal of humanizing every interaction on the internet.

Our values

  • First ‘right’, then ‘profit.’ Always.
  • Perform random acts of kindness. To customers, colleagues, even competitors.
  • Push the boundaries. Yours, and of those around you.
  • Don’t worry about breaking things. Just rebuild them better.
  • Question the status quo. In big ways, and small.

Is Understanding Any Person Just An API Call Away?

Humantic Personality AI API brings the power of predictive personality AI to everyone.

Product Owners and Developers use it to understand users and build personalization for a variety of use-cases across hiring, marketing, selling, venture capital, lending, real estate, and wealth management.

When you can not afford to go wrong, you need a trustworthy partner. Humantic AI’s APIs are trusted by large enterprises and path-breaking startups alike.

Its AI engine does not rely only on linguistics, it uses a combination of Psycholinguistics and Computational Psychometrics. With ML & AI on one hand and I/O Psychology and Neuroscience on the other, it provides accuracy and reliability that is simply unmatched.

The proprietary Humantic Personality AI API is often used by revenue and hiring teams across the globe. However, it also powers multiple other usecases for a large variety of products.

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