What is Krisp?

Krisp is a software solution that provides Noise Cancellation, Voice Cancellation, Echo Cancellation, and more to individuals and businesses, helping them to be heard clearer during online meetings in an increasingly remote world.


Krisp is all about growth. Individually, as a team, and as a company, we strive to grow rapidly.

We constantly work to get better at what we do. We relentlessly find new ways to make our work more effective. Krisp’s growth is not possible without our individual growth.

Every day we solve problems that we have never seen in the past. We solve these problems by working hard, constantly learning, adapting, and in the end – always get things done despite obstacles along our path.


Enable people to be more effective communicators in online calls.


Krisp-powered AI voice technologies are so powerful and effective that they allow billions of people to reduce the gap of their communication skills and become the better version of themselves.

Supercharge your online meetings with Voice Productivity AI

Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant.

What does Voice Productivity AI include?

  • Remove background voices of other people talking in the same room and keep only your voice in the call
  • Eliminate background noises from your microphone and speaker, ensuring distraction-free calls.
  • Eliminate echoes bouncing off of the walls and those resulting from your own voice or a sensitive mic.
  • Accent localisation – Utilizes real-time inflection changes to help customers understand agents better by dynamically changing agents’ accents into the customer’s natively understood accent.

Krisp works where you do

Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate all background noise with a single click.

Krisp for Teams

When it comes to building strong teams, clear communication is the secret sauce.

Investing in your team’s productivity and happiness is the best decision you will make. Thousands of teams already embraced Krisp Speaking AI.

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