Lily AI helps you think like your customer.

We believe shopping should meet people where they are, and help them be who they want to be. We give a voice to every individual, empowering people to be unique and express themselves freely.


Lily AI was founded in 2015 to build a shopping experience that would be able to understand the emotional context of the shopper in a way that had never happened in online commerce before.

Our co-founders Purva Gupta and Sowmiya Narayanan have extended this concept over the years into an enterprise-grade, AI-powered platform that accurately connects a brand’s shoppers with the relevant products they’re looking to buy at scale. We’re a team committed to creating the shopping experience of tomorrow, and believe that with best-in-class AI and by honoring the human in all of us, we will change the future of commerce.

Our platform

Lily AI injects the language of the customer across your existing commerce tools, accurately connecting your shoppers with the relevant products they’re looking to buy. We drive 8-9 figure revenue uplift for retailers and brands by dramatically improving their on-site search conversion, relevant product recommendations and demand forecasting.

Think like your customer

Lily AI enhances shopping experiences by injecting consumer-centric languages throughout the retail ecosystem, maximizing technology investments to deliver upwards of 9-figure revenue lift.

Boost product discovery and conversion with the first computer vision platform purpose-built for commerce

Lily AI turns qualitative product attributes into a universal, customer-centered mathematical language with unprecedented accuracy, resulting in a depth and scale of attribution that no other solution can match.

Increase traffic, conversion, revenue, and brand loyalty by using the same words your customers use.

Fuel your existing e-commerce platform, search engine, PIM, and SEO/SEM tools with the deepest and most accurate product attribution data in commerce – over 20,000 attributes and counting.

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