One day, having a conversation with a brand will be as easy as talking to a friend.

Because when you turn a moment of friction into a moment of joy,
you turn customer service into extraordinary experience.

You gotta love what you do to be this great

We’re working together to build something revolutionary; to deliver the best solution for our customers and define the future of customer experience automation. If you got to do great work with great people like we do, you’d love it too!

Linc CX Automation Platform For Enterprise Retail Brands

Linc Gen 3 CX Automation platform is purpose-built for enterprise retail brands to build loyalty and grow revenue.

Gen 3 CX Automation

Linc helps retail and e-commerce enterprises create delightful customer experiences through better chat conversations, automation that quickly resolves order issues, and enhanced buying experiences that drive loyalty and retention.

The Linc difference

The only platform with the ability to learn brand-specific vocabulary and customer context directly, patented conversational AI, and a powerful portfolio of configurable service engines.

The only solution that drives revenue, boosts operational efficiency, and improves CSAT for direct bottom-line impact.


As the only CX Automation purpose-built for retail brands, no time is wasted teaching the AI retail-specific knowledge or building new integrations.

Integrations Are Included

Integrations with top retail and ecommerce platforms and solutions, and thousands of shipping carriers,  all available with no extra fees.

See Gen 3 CX Automation In Action

Leave legacy chatbots behind and step into the future with Gen 3 CX Automation.

Say good bye to:
  • Lost sales due to un-answered product questions
  • Bad bot experiences that drive customers away
  • Manually scripted conversation flows
Experience Gen 3 CX Automation:
  • Generate more revenue through each customer interaction
  • Resolve over 85% customer support inquiries without a live agent
  • Launch truly scalable chat interactions with no dialog flow scripting

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