Start servicing your customers on the channels of their choice

Are you prepared to start communicating with your customers on media channels such as web chat and social media?

Multi-channel Media

Deliver support to your customers over the channels they are asking for, including the telephone, web chat, social media, email and SMS

A Single Conversation

Make it easy for your staff to conduct an individual conversation with each customer, which may involve multiple interactions over multiple channels


Omni-channel Service

Macfarlane’s Contact+ is built upon 25+ years of customer communication experience

Contact+ embodies our unique 3 C’s principles using powerful Conversation Management technology:

Continuity – empower agents with a full interaction history across all channels

Context – relate the current interaction to the overall conversation

Clarity – provide immediate access to previous text and recordings promoting a better-shared understanding

Contact+ has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface recognised as one of the best in the industry

Increases productivity in an increasingly complex environment


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