Contact+ by Macfarlane has always supported home working agents

Contact+ was originally designed to support users working anywhere they can be contacted by phone on the PSTN and by a data connection.

When users log in to Contact+ they enter the phone number where they can be reached for that session.  This can be an office extension, a landline or a mobile.  This means that the user can be in an office, at any other location including home, or on the move.

An agent can log in with a different contact number each time.  For example, they could be at an office extension in the morning, at a different extension in the afternoon, at home the day after and travelling the day after that.

Contact+ links the user’s phone number for each login session with the user’s current computer IP address and the user can login from a different computer for each session.

From this it can be seen that Hybrid Working with Contact+ is an extension of Hot-desking, where the “hot desk” can be moved around outside the office.

No matter where the user logs in from, they are identified and reported on according to their user number so no confusion occurs as a result of their changing location.

Multi-channel media

Deliver support to your customers over the channels they are asking for, including the telephone, web chat, social media, email and SMS

A single conversation

Make it easy for your staff to conduct an individual conversation with each customer, which may involve multiple interactions over multiple channels

Omni-channel service

Macfarlane’s Contact+ is built upon 25+ years of customer communication experience

Contact+ embodies our unique 3 C’s principles using powerful Conversation Management technology:

Continuity – empower agents with a full interaction history across all channels

Context – relate the current interaction to the overall conversation

Clarity – provide immediate access to previous text and recordings promoting a better-shared understanding

Contact+ has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface recognised as one of the best in the industry

Increases productivity in an increasingly complex environment


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