Here for your contact center. And your success

What’s really happening in your business? The answer to that question lies in the millions of interactions between your customers and your brand. If you could listen in on every one of them, you’d know exactly what was up–and down. But most companies have visibility to only 2% of their customer interactions.

We’re here to change that. To help you get a complete picture of every customer conversation. To make sure you maximize all the potential in your frontline operations with Generative AI technology that takes you to a whole new level. And we don’t stop there. Beyond our AI native Conversation Intelligence platform, we work side-by-side with your team to make sure you’re seen, heard, and supported as you transition into a data-driven operation. So you never have to do it alone.

We’re the people who love to see other people succeed. And we’d like to do that for you.

Boost contact center performance and drive business outcomes. Faster.

Gain insights from 100% of customer interactions, maximize frontline team performance, and accelerate outcomes with live conversation intelligence built on the industry-first contact center LLM.

Get more value out of every interaction with AI

Built on a 30 billion-parameter contact center LLM, Observe.AI uncovers insights from all your customer interactions, empowers your team to take the smartest actions in the moment, and automates workflows so you can spread the success across your business. Immediately.

Leverage the best-in-class contact center LLM

Differentiate your business by using our industry-first contact center LLM. Empower agents with time-saving automations and self-improvement tips using our new Generative AI suite.

Uncover insights from every interaction

With 100% visibility into customer conversations in every channel, you can surface trends, opportunities, and risks and get a complete picture of your business. Hop on opportunities before it’s too late. And act on data, not hunches.

Supercharge your frontline teams

Take performance to new highs with real-time guidance, targeted coaching, and automated workflows driven by Generative AI.

Drive outcomes across the business

Accelerate outcomes from the contact center to the rest of your business. Make informed business decisions to fix product issues, optimize marketing campaigns, slash time off your processes, and more.

End-to-end AI for your contact center

Fuel better performance and boost efficiency before, during, and after interactions with the only end-to-end conversation intelligence platform. The Observe.AI platform is powered by our proprietary contact center large language model (LLM) and Generative AI.

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