Why Rackspace Technology?

Get to know the Rackspace Technology difference

Rackspace Elastic Engineering – It’s no longer enough to just “be in the cloud.”

Today, businesses are under pressure to use cloud technologies to solve strategic problems, build new revenue streams and decrease costs. Moving toward a cloud native approach can help you realize these benefits quicker. However, cloud native adoption is complex and requires a new way of thinking. This includes entirely new architectural methodologies, new ways to deploy, monitor and operate environments, and even new technologies such as containers, serverless, IoT and machine learning.

As organizations pursue cloud native, they need more than just support. They need help understanding how to scale their IT organization in an agile world, and how to build cloud expertise within their teams. This requires a fundamental shift in the relationship between the customer and the managed cloud provider.


Get to know the Rackspace Technology difference

We’re here to help you work faster and smarter and stay ahead of what’s next. To help make that happen, we come alongside and get to know your business challenges. And then we design and build scalable technology solutions to solve the challenges you’re facing today, as well as tomorrow — with ongoing management and optimization so you can focus on building new revenue streams, increasing efficiency and creating incredible customer experiences.

We deliver flexible technology stack and deployment models.

Rather than looking at the cloud as the typical public-vs-private cloud comparison, we take a technology-stack-centric view. We support four primary technology stacks — across AWS, Microsoft® Azure®, Google Cloud Platform™ and VMware® — and, using this framework, help you get the technology stack that best meets your needs.

We work with you to understand your needs, and then take a flexible approach to workload placement across clouds. Then we help you layer applications, data and security on top of those clouds.



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