Talk more, sell more

Regal is the Outbound Phone & SMS Sales Platform. Build the highest-answering, best-converting outbound funnel to hit your growth goals way faster.

Remove friction by reaching customers where they are, on their phone

The key to higher conversion is great conversations. Conversations build relationships and that results in a better customer experience, more sales and ultimately better retention. Treat your customers like royalty… or someone else will.

How Regal works

Replace your whole tech stack. Or add individual regal products to the tech you already use

Reach your customers when they need you.

Orchestrate customized cross-channel call and text message outreach with our drag-and-drop Journey Builder and Segment Builder. All based on real-time customer behaviors —online and in conversation.

Be there at the right time with the right message. Your customers will thank you.

Brand every interaction to drive engagement.

Don’t be an unknown number. Introducing Branded Caller ID on cell phones so your customers know who is calling. Do we offer two way texting and text message marketing from that same phone number? Of course.

Outreach so good, even your college roommate will answer… or at least call you back.

Give your agents superpowers

Text, email, call, and leverage AI— all from one place. AI tools built for high-velocity sales including AI SMS Bot and AI Conversation Intelligence increase conversion rate.

Warning: There is a good chance agents will explain to you why this was their idea all along.

See what’s working— and what’s not.

Show off your impact with our automatic A/B testing and in-app reporting. Even stream Regal data out in real time to enhance your website and other platforms.

Stop pretending the data team is going to get back to you, and start making data-driven decisions ASAP.

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