Onboard a top performing AI agent

Take on more complex cases than ever before with an AI agent that seamlessly weaves together knowledge of your company, products, and policies with codeless integrations to craft resolutions just as unique as the customer it’s serving.

AI to transform your customer service

Every time someone interacts with your brand, it’s an opportunity to build trust, deliver value, and, ultimately, drive growth.

But in a digital world, where people expect their needs to be met with a quick chat or button click, interacting meaningfully with customers at scale is nearly impossible — without Ada.

Ada is the AI-powered customer service automation platform that helps you resolve the greatest number of support inquiries — across channels and languages — with the least amount of human effort.

With Ada, you can scale support without increasing headcount, empower the people behind the automation, and treat every customer like a VIP.

Founded on First-Hand Experience

Ada’s values are deeply rooted in the history of our two founders, Mike and David. Once customer service agents, they’ve experienced firsthand the pain of manually responding to thousands of repetitive interactions.

It led them to realize that with the rising tide of customers approaching brands each day, they can’t help but fail them right when it matters most. Because the moment customers actually try to talk to the brand — at that moment of interaction — the magical experience completely falls apart.

This realization inspired a new mission: to repair broken brand interactions and restore the customer experience. And so, Ada was born.

This is where we started, but not where our work ends. As we evolve, so has our mission. Now, we ensure brands never miss an opportunity to interact with their customers — across channels, time zones, and languages — at each and every stage in the customer journey.

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