SCB Global

Communication beyond voice

SCB Global is a Microsoft Teams integrator specialist providing workplace transformation for the dynamic workforce. With a unique single vendor solution approach, SCB Global breaks down collaboration silos and brings simplicity. Medium to large global enterprises are choosing SCB Global and the industry-leading OPTO solutions that are natively integrated into Microsoft Teams and hosted in Azure, which truly brings the everywhere enterprise together.


Hybrid is the new norm and there is now the requirement for teams to work and collaborate from anywhere. SCB Global deliver extensive range of advanced Microsoft Teams features such as contact center, SMS, compliant call recording and global calling plans from over 182 countries, including number porting from 52 countries.

Hybrid workforces can be more productive for the enterprise, as people are able to work from both the office and remotely in a way that is providing a new work/life balance. Many workforces may not have the correct solution for their team collaboration, irrespective of where they happen to work from.


The traditional office is still an option for many businesses. With the introduction of shared workspaces SCB Global can connect the traditional offices globally with a single solution.

SCB Global delivers Microsoft Teams based collaboration solution such as OPTO4Teams that can enhance your enterprise and make it even more efficient. What if your office expands out of the traditional four walls to a hybrid or a remote office?

SCB Global will be there as your trusted adviser and consultant to deliver your workplace transformation.


Remote workers can make up more than half of the workforce, especially with the enterprise adapting to remote working in recent times . SCB Global provides the remote worker complete enterprise grade collaboration tools and advanced compliance, based on Microsoft Teams. OPTO4Teams truly delivers the remote office, connected to your Microsoft suite of products.

SCB Global’s natively integrated OPTO Microsoft Teams solutions are designed to deliver an enterprise grade remote collaboration experience that enables the user to truly work from anywhere and become an extension of the office

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