Increase every worker’s quality of life by transforming the modern labour market.

Shiftsmart isn’t just a way to find and source work. With Shiftsmart, workers build income, skills, and experience to become true micro-entrepreneurs. Companies break free from the high costs, cumbersome systems, and the low quality of traditional staffing solutions.

By creating a marketplace that provides dynamic solutions for both workers and companies, Shiftsmart is building resilient networks of people and entrepreneurs that power their communities, amplify opportunities, increase productivity, reduce poverty, and lower income volatility.

Powering the modern workforce

Connecting companies with skilled workers to increase fulfillment, reduce turnover, and improve quality

Transform how you get work done

Empowering your company with an intuitive end-to-end technology platform built to unlock speed, scale, and the highest quality

Flex schedules quickly to meet surges

Track metrics in real-time

Pay workers quickly and easily

Harness the Power of the Modern Workforce

Matching your business with flexible, trained workers so you can fulfill your most complex and dynamic staffing needs

Find the most qualified workers

Fill shifts within minutes

Lower costs and raise revenue

Powerful Technology Built to Deliver Results

The Shiftsmart Technology Platform matches skilled workers with companies that need to flex their workforce to meet changing business needs. With award-winning apps designed for modern workers and managers, the platform provides an intuitive experience through every stage of this hiring & labor management process

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