How to improve customer experience? Turn communication into conversation

Today’s businesses have accelerated their digital transformation, aiming to improve the customer experience (CX) and stay competitive in the new economic environment.

Recent research from McKinsey shows that responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have sped up the pace of digital transformation by several years. Even so, customers are still experiencing friction when communicating with businesses and service providers. Here’s a look at the top communication pain points and what they say about how to improve customer experience today.

Customer communication pain points

According to Vonage’s latest customer engagement research, customers experience a range of frustrations when businesses don’t communicate well. Specifically, customers hate it when they receive a message update but can’t reply to it directly; when they can’t switch between different communication channels while having a conversation; or—the perpetual pet peeve—when they have to repeat themselves to an agent after they’ve already explained their problem to a chatbot or another agent.

Customers are open to using alternate channels if their preferred channel isn’t available, yet businesses still make the mistake of limiting the options their customers have for getting in touch with them.

For example, when customers call in and no one is available, offering no other channels for getting help can kill the conversation. When customers can’t connect with a human at the moment they need to, that absence of personal service becomes a pain point. Yes, customers appreciate quick answers from self-help chatbots, but when the bot doesn’t solve their problem and there’s no option to connect to a customer service professional, they become frustrated. Likewise, when they call in and hear that the wait time is very long but the business doesn’t offer them the option of a callback, customers feel their time isn’t being respected.

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