Xaqt’s AI helps companies deliver dynamic experiences across all digital channels in any industry.

We power the world’s most amazing customer experiences.

AI for the Better

At Xaqt, we’re changing the world for the better. We’re people who dare to dream, people who build and deliver results.

Solve for X and Why

X is often used to represent the unknown. When taking on large problems we have to be willing to go out into the unknown and try radical new approaches. We must also know the “why” behind solving the problem. Once the Why is clear, then any X is solvable.

Compassion over Ego

We seek diversity and different perspectives. We treat everyone with honesty, dignity, respect and sensitivity. We embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge and skills.

Customer Obsession

We innovate on behalf of our customers and deliver products and services they can’t live without. This means meeting the customer where they’re at and gaining a deep understanding of their interests, challenges and aspirations.


An Alchemist is someone who transforms things for the better. Whether we are improving a customer’s experience or developing a breakthrough product, we must relentlessly focus on the art and science of creative transformation.

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