Deliver through teamwork

Zingtree’s AI-powered decision tree platform transforms self-service, uncovers and implements automation opportunities, and makes every agent an expert.
Reduce agent ramp time by up to 85%
Cut up to 70% of your contact center costs
Automate up to 50% of your ticket volumes

Agent workflows

Guide your agents through customer conversations by creating workflows that provide bite-sized information

You can embed the agent workflows you create inside of the tools your agents use to improve call compliance & agent ramp time, creating overall support cost savings.

Customer self-help

Enable customers to troubleshoot common issues without getting agents involved by utilising our automation capabilities

Make sure things get done the right way by helping your team self-serve key information.

Internal process

Map out standard operating procedures or build an interactive knowledge base, so your employees can find info quickly while following the correct process

Empower customers to answer their own questions, choose between products, or generate price quotes.

That’s why zingtree is here

Today, we help over 700 organizations around the world empower their employees and customers to make better and faster decisions through the power of our no-code interactive decision tree software. We are proud to drive real ROI for enterprises from the better decisions they make every day – improved customer satisfaction, average handling time, first contact resolution, employee engagement and ramp time, and support costs.

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