Web development project done, but what about the services income?

So you participate in the massively expanding domain name related services market.

If for example you develop Web sites, provide SEO services or Internet marketing services to your customers, your business will be affected by the huge growth that this sector is set to experience in the next few years despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

ReporterLinker believes that the Global Domain Names Market will reach 512.3 Million domain names registered by 2027. From 343 million in 2020. That’s a rise of just under 50% over the next seven years. Further, the Reports and Data report of November 2020 suggests that the domain names related services market will be worth $600 million by 2026.

With new businesses being set up. The Internet Marketing services industry is going to be busy providing new domain owners with the necessary services. Not only will these businesses need hosting services but also other technology related services.

For example, with 2020 being the year that established businesses started to question the need for their expensive offices, after the majority of their staff had been forced to work from home in the mandatory lockdowns.

Many new businesses stopped worrying about the cost of having their own offices and simply followed the trend for homeworking. Already 2020 has seen the growth in new businesses without any form of office, whose employees work remotely.

…And why not, with the availability of communications technologies via the cloud, enabling businesses of all sizes to operate from just about anywhere. When previously those communications and services technologies had only been available in centralised locations. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to leverage the power of technology and the cloud to compete.

As long as the employees have access to good internet connectivity  – Today this means broadband speeds of 50MBs plus – (take a look at our ‘Agile Work Ready, Working Remote is Here to Stay’ (link to ‘Agile work Ready Nov20_186Kloud’ PDF for and firm to download) guide to checklist what this means).

Then the business will also need some standard business applications such as for example Office 365, Teams, collaboration (messaging, video and voice) as well as storage, back up and recovery. Which, can all be accessed via the cloud. The great news is that whatever the size of the business, whether it’s 1 – 1million employees, these services are available on a per user pricing model.

But here is the problem, the vendors and the technologies are confusing. What they need is a trusted advisor to help them identify the most appropriate technologies from the most suitable of vendors Obtain the most attractive pricing and to help manage the selected vendors post order for installation, billing and support. That is where 186Kloud come in.

Your customers need services, advice and support. All we ask from you is for the introduction when they are ready to speak to us, as your strategic partner. For any services that we help your customer procure, we will share the resulting commissions with you, its that simple

How will this work?

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We will then send you the 186Kloud Professional Service Programme Partner PDF, that explains how the relationship could work and what our commitment to you and your customer will be.